What is a Chamber? From a Millennial Point of View

I had just submitted my online application to work for the Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce when I picked up the phone to call my Dad, who happens to be a business owner. I explained that I had applied for the job at a Chamber, but I was unsure of what a Chamber was exactly. I was only drawn to the title of Event Coordinator, the five-minute commute, and the very attractive hours. His response was, “A Chamber is a cool kid’s club for business owners”.

Upon accepting the job, I found that hardly anyone my age (early 20’s) knew about the true purpose of a Chamber of Commerce. I found myself bombarded with questions from my friends asking, “So you market a bunch of companies?”, “Do you work for the City?”, or “Is that even a business?”

Now that I officially have one year of Chamber work under my belt, I am determined to educate the public about the mission of the Chamber of Commerce and its impact on the community:

A Chamber of Commerce is not a marketing firm. A Chamber is a connector amongst business professionals.

Although many business professionals will join the Chamber with the idea that we are a marketing firm, this is incorrect. We can, however, refer local Marketing Specialists. We create the atmosphere for you to easily and successfully market yourself. Bring business cards and brochures to events, take advantage of Chamber member discounts with our media partners, sponsor large events to gain exposure to your brand, ask the staff to aid you in making a valuable connection, etc. All of these things can help us to help you. We are passionate about helping local businesses thrive through relationship building.

Our Chamber is not a for-profit business, nor an arm of the City. It is a non-profit.

The Spring Hill Chamber has a mission to positively influence the business culture to create a better Spring Hill. Chamber revenues go directly back into the membership so that we can provide small and large networking events, run an online business directory, and host numerous professional development opportunities. If you have yet to attend the annual July Experience Spring Hill event, you are missing out on one of the largest events in this area with 2,000 residents in attendance, and over 100 businesses in participation.

A Chamber is not a Small Business Development Center or BBB. The Chamber does have the tools you need.

Although we cannot set up your small business taxes or give you a business license, we can provide valuable information through our professional development luncheon topics, seminars, and our online business toolbox found here: https://springhillchamber.com/category/toolbox/. The business toolbox consists of a growing number of articles composed by professionals in each, specific area. Need help finding government loan programs, or tax classification information? We are here to help!

And finally- A Chamber is not a “cool kids club”. The Spring Hill Chamber is a family.  

Through the Spring Hill Chamber, I have found an extremely caring group of business professionals that pour themselves into this community. They work relentlessly to be an asset to the city of Spring Hill and the surrounding areas. I have witnessed people thrive both professionally and personally as a result of their Chamber membership. If you have any questions, or if you are interested in looking further into the Spring Hill Chamber, please check out our website, or call the main office today: www.springhillchamber.com | (931) 486-0625.

We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Ashley Gilles, Marketing and Events Coordinator, Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce