April 8, 2021, is the City of Spring Hill Election for Mayor and Alderman with early voting starting on March 21st. Did you know that in the 2019 election a total of 1,545 residents participated in the election out of the city’s 27,271 registered voters, bringing the turnout rate to 5.67 percent – more than 2 percent below the Spring Hill 2017 election. We know Spring Hill can do better! As a part of our organization’s purpose to be a trusted resource to the Spring Hill Community, our Committee on Political Affairs is hosting a public event on March 18, 2021 that will allow you to meet the candidates running in the 2021 City election. We want to ensure that you are an educated voter in this important election.  Please go to www.springhillchamber.com to register for this event and to access election FAQ’s. Candidates’ videos, profiles, and completed questionnaires are also available on our website as an additional resource.  Thank you to Morning Pointe of Spring Hill for sponsoring the Meet the Candidates event. Let your voice be heard Spring Hill and vote for your local leadership because together we make a better Spring Hill!