Everyone knows the old saying of ‘it’s not what you know but who you know’. While knowledge is important so is the ability to create a network that will allow you to become successful in all areas of life. Our Chamber strongly believes in providing our members with a supportive environment for fostering lasting relationships that will help them grow their business.

While we may not be a marketing company, we are a great place for you to market yourself. Just this past week we hosted our 3rd annual Joint Mixer with our neighboring Chamber organizations, Williamson Inc. and Maury Alliance. This event is a great example of how the Chamber provides the perfect environment for members to meet up to 300 other business owners in the region that could potentially become a client, a valued referral or service partner.  You do business with those that you trust and you earn that trust through face-to-face interaction. In a digital age that irreplaceable level of trust begins with a handshake, eye contact and a warm exchange.

Connections quickly become strong referrals and sources of first-hand reviews. We all find ourselves ‘googling’ places of business, business owners and restaurants for reviews before we even reach out or step in their door. While online reviews definitely play a strong role in consumer decision making, so do reviews from friends and family. Our Chamber becomes that trusted ‘family’ referral that can save you money and stress by knowing what you are getting when you choose to do business with a fellow Chamber member. 

“With over 360 members The Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce serves as the perfect platform for companies from diverse industries to cultivate relationships that lead to mutually beneficial business relationships.”- David St. Charles, David St. Charles State Farm Insurance

Do you place value on choosing Chamber members for your needs?  We believe you should because Chamber members participate in our mission of positively influencing our business culture to create a better Spring Hill.  Chamber members believe in providing more than just great service, a great product and a great experience- they believe in contributing to the greater good of their community.  Who wouldn’t want to support a business owner who believes in that?  Find our Chamber members at www.experiencespringhill.com and shop local today!

  • Rebecca Melton, Executive Director of the Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce