Like many of you, this unique time has caused me to find a new appreciation for so many things I formally took for granted, like fellowship with friends and colleagues, hugs and handshakes, attending events and meeting new people. Our chamber is looking forward to the day that we can return to experiencing these fundamental interactions again. With a new appreciation for these things that we miss so much, also comes the realization that showing gratitude for them more regularly is also important. So, I wanted to take the time to publicly thank those that have supported our chamber over the last several months.

Our Membership

We have close to 400 members that have been encouraging our staff, vocalizing their appreciation for our efforts, and extending grace as we navigate a new normal. We appreciate your positivity and your trust to continue serving you the best we can. By renewing your membership in a time when we know resources are tight, you have paid us the highest compliment and we cannot thank you enough.

Our Leaders

We have 15 volunteer Board members and another 15 volunteer Ambassadors that have been our anchor during this time. Their guidance, dedication and constant source of encouragement has allowed our staff to lead with confidence. Their sound leadership is beyond appreciated as our Chamber continues to thrive through a pandemic. Our city, county, school and state leaders have also provided much-needed communication, guidance and information to allow us to be a great resource for our membership and community. Thank you for your display of servant leadership.

Our Partners

Collaboration has proven to be the best strategy right now and we are extremely thankful for our regional partnerships that we have leveraged for the benefit of our members and community. These collaborations have shown how important it is to build, maintain and foster relationships for the purpose of leaning on them in both good and bad times.  Thank you to our neighboring chamber organizations, nonprofit organizations, sponsors and municipalities for being so generous with their time, resources and brainpower so that we can be fully equipped to serve.

Our Community

We have seen our community shift to a shop/support local mentality in a time that small business, box stores and ‘mom and pops’ all need them the most. The sales tax reports show that Spring Hill is faring well during the pandemic thanks to a community keeping their dollars in their own backyard. Your businesses, your city and your Chamber have taken notice and we all appreciate your intentional spending.  We encourage you to keep the trend going.  Thank you for the patience, encouragement, kindness and mercy shown to our business community while they do their best to continue serving you amid mandates, social distancing and disruptive changes in operations. Thank you for contributing close to $8,000 towards our Spring Hill Shares program that supported local restaurants and local families in need at The Well. Your generosity never ceases to amaze me.

Who or what have you been leaning on for support during this pandemic? What has become your source of encouragement? Who is motivating you to be a better person? Maybe it’s your family, your friends, your church, your colleagues or your customers.  What can you do to show your gratitude? How can you bless them and return the favor?  Remember, we are all in different boats in the same storm but together we have an opportunity to create a better Spring Hill.

  • Rebecca Melton, Executive Director, Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce