It’s hard for me to imagine what Spring Hill would look like without its small businesses.

The unique restaurants, the vibrant boutiques, the welcoming medical and professional offices- they all contribute to that family-like environment where everybody knows somebody. Our businesses are so much more than the familiar brick and mortar buildings and signs flanking our high traffic areas, the people behind those buildings are what make Spring Hill a great place to call home.

Believe me, we don’t want to find out what our city would look like without them.

Small business is the backbone of every community. They provide our city with great services and jobs but they also give us a place to connect, to meet, laugh, and enjoy one another.

They embody everything that we desire, especially right now. Entrepreneurism, innovation, safety, generosity, and resiliency.

These businesses are the first to support our schools, our ball leagues, our nonprofit organizations and our neighbors even if it means less profit for themselves and their families.

We have the opportunity to thank our small businesses by helping them stay in business and continue their passion for their craft and their community.

Let’s do our part to ensure that our businesses remain a vital part of our community post-pandemic. Support your local businesses. Please put their livelihood above any mandate placed on them and us right now. Choose to support in any way that makes you feel safe and comfortable. Online orders, in-person orders, to-go orders, online referrals, in-person recommendations- they all would be greatly appreciated right now.  Or, simply give them encouragement and a big thank you during this really challenging time. Besides, the people behind these businesses are just that…people.  Let’s show some much-needed mercy during a time in which judgment seems to be the norm.

Learn more about the Spring Hill business community, and the people that work every day to make Spring Hill a better place, at

  • Rebecca Melton, Executive Director, Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce