2020 State of the City Recap

Our conversation with Mayor Rick Graham and City Administrator Victor Lay was extremely enjoyable and full of great information. I always enjoy sitting down with these two gentlemen and hearing them humbly share about our city’s efforts over the past year. Our city is in great hands with people that truly care about the longevity of our community. Here’s a quick recap of the topics discussed:

2020 at a glance

  • Loss of two staff, Kevin Fischer Parks and Rec Director, Mitchell Earwood, Firefighter.
  • Tornado and storm support efforts
  • Mask mandates in Williamson County, not in Maury County
  • Sales tax revenues surpass previous Christmas sales despite COVID
  • Building Permits are up and development has not stopped, providing key income for the city

Road/Infrastructure Projects

  • Clyde Farmer Crossing opens
  • Traffic signal at Port Royal and Saturn Pkwy. Completed
  • Duplex Rd. complete in Sept. 2020
  • Saturn Pkwy extension at Beechcroft complete in October 2020
  • Buckner Rd. Interchange Project on schedule for 2024 completion
  • Buckner Lane widening on schedule for 2024 completion
  • Water/Sewer improvements

COVID State funding appropriations- $945,000

  • $280k- SCBA Air Packs
  • $200k- Main St. Sidewalk Program
  • $400k- Tom Lunn Road Construction

2020/2021 Budget approvals

  • Ladder truck, Knuckle Boom truck, drone for police department
  • $26.5 million bond at low interest rate for infrastructure projects
  • Refinancing provides millions of savings for the city

Remaining Priorities before April 2021 Election

  • Key water and sewer improvements
  • Future of Northfield complex and the Spring Hill Library and Police Department
  • Continued conversations around Land preservation, Town Center creation, Sports complex

As always, we appreciate the leadership of Mayor Rick Graham, BOMA, Victor Lay and the City staff to keep Spring Hill moving in the right direction as it continues to grow.  We encourage you to stay informed on what is happening in our city by visiting the city’s social media accounts and website, www.springhilltn.org. Public comments are still welcome for virtual city meetings. Let your voice be heard as key decisions are being made about the future of your city.

  • Rebecca Melton, Executive Director, Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce