Our first luncheon of the year was a record setting event! We managed to sell out our new venue, the UAW Hall, and welcome over 230 attendees to the State of the City address. As a Chamber, we are dedicated to informing our membership on community issues. We were honored to host Mayor Rick Graham and City Administrator Victor Lay as they presented the City’s 2017 accomplishments and 2018 goals.

The State of the City was full of surprises (including the Mayor wrangling the Chick Fil A cow!) but also full of pertinent information for our business members.  Victor Lay acknowledged how much growth our town has experienced since BS (Before Saturn). Saturn and GM have defined the City’s transition from a town of 1,100 people in 1987 to a city of almost 40,000 today.  Ironically, the old Saturn headquarters, Northfield, is now owned by the City. Northfield will now house the Police Department and Library expansions but also, as explained by Mayor Graham, potentially a small business and entrepreneur incubator. This project would be able to support future business development and growth in our community leading to an even more stable economy. Our business individuals would directly benefit from the services an incubator like this could provide, including low cost rent, mentorship and collaboration which would allow them to successfully transition into the local business community. Another city acquisition, the purchase of Rippavilla Plantation, will jumpstart the city’s Tourism efforts and allow our businesses to capitalize on the influx of tourist dollars.

Victor highlighted the businesses that the city welcomed in 2017 and the businesses scheduled to open in 2018. Our city has identified key services and products that our community needs in order to keep dollars within our local economy. The sales tax revenue generated in December of 2016 was $63 million alone, with roughly 1% of that, approximately $700,000, being returned to the city. As the city adds more pertinent businesses those numbers will only increase, allowing our community to thrive even more. The city issued 804 residential building permits in 2017 and hopes to throttle the growth at approximately 500 per year moving forward. This gives our city moderate population growth to sustain these businesses.

Lastly, our city leaders described the multitude of transportation projects that will begin in 2018, with several continuing into 2020. Some of these projects have been in the works for almost 12 years and many would not be taking place without the support of our state and county officials. In addition, a couple of these projects are the result of key public and private partnerships. Our city leaders have been committed to working with our business community to ensure that critical improvements are made in a more timely manner. All of these projects will allow for improved traffic flow and safety that will impact our business community’s ability to serve their customers. Here is a list of the transportation projects:

  • Thompson Station & Buckner Ln Signal Improvement
  • Port Royal & Buckner Ln Signal Improvement
  • Saturn Pkwy & Port Royal On/Off Ramp w/Signal Improvement – TDOT Funded
  • Commonwealth  & Main St. Right Turn Northbound w/Signal Improvement
  • Kedron & Old Kedron Traffic Signal
  • Duplex (Main St. to I-65) Street Widening
  • Saturn Pkwy Extension to Beechcroft Road
  • Tom Lunn Road Design
  • Mahlon Moore School Campus-Roadway Connection
  • Port Royal Rd & Commonwealth Roundabout
  • Crossings Circle North Bridge

There will be dirt moving, detours placed and temporary road closures but in the end our city leaders’ ensured the audience that “It’ll be worth it!”. We at the Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce are grateful to the leadership of our city and for their time spent informing our membership on the future of Spring Hill. We look forward to continually working together create a better Spring Hill.

Watch the presentation by clicking here.

Photo credit: Spring Hill Home Page