Spring Hill has often been labeled as a ‘bedroom community’ due to the large amount of commuters that leave every day to their place of employment outside the city limits. The current pandemic has forced many of these commuters to work from home. While this has presented a lot of challenges, our business community has reaped the benefits. The city sales tax revenues have actually increased over the months since the pandemic started, which is directly in response to Spring Hill residents spending more time at home. In fact, Spring Hill was voted the best city in TN and #9 in the country by Zippia for remote workers due to affordability and feasibility. In addition, 9% of Spring Hill’s workforce already works from home.

Our Chamber’s vision is to provide professional development, networking opportunities, and support services for local professionals interested in building relationships and growing their business. We want all local professionals to benefit from the value of the chamber, including remote workers. Please reach out to us if we can specifically help you in any way as you work from home.  We provide an environment for you to connect, learn and expand on your current skill sets as well as engage in your community. Now is a great time to plug into the city that your family calls home.

Our Chamber’s core purpose is to serve our local business community by helping our members thrive while being a connector and trusted resource to the Spring Hill community. COVID-19 prevented traditional face-to-face connections for several months, but it also presented an opportunity for digital engagement on a level we’ve never seen. As businesses continue to safely reopen, our chamber will continue to present opportunities for digital and face-to-face connections to be made. We’ve recently held an in-person luncheon and an after-hours mixer, both were well attended and full of energy. Please visit our event calendar on www.springhillchamber.com to register for an upcoming event. Again, everyone is welcome. We exist to serve our businesses and residents.  Come and grow your relationships! You never know who you will meet and what you might learn.

  • Rebecca Melton, Executive Director, Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce

“The business of business is relationships; the business of life is human connections”- Robin Sharms

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