Our city is facing some really tough decisions regarding funding sources as a result of our exponential growth over the years.  While prioritizing and balancing the needs of our community is not a new challenge, voting for significant tax increases is definitely a challenge many of our leaders have not faced. With several proposals in discussion at the Board and Mayor of Alderman level I hope our residents and business owners are taking an active role in voicing their opinions since it will affect their bottom line and the progress of their city.

The city recently reported that Spring Hill residents spent $365,900,198 outside of Spring Hill city limits in 2018. If those dollars were spent inside the city limits then the city would have netted an additional $4,573,752 in sales tax revenue, a significant amount of money that could be used for our city’s needs. Many factors play into this ‘sales tax leakage’, but I believe that a stronger commitment from our community to shop local would make a positive impact.

As a Chamber of Commerce we aim to foster a vibrant environment of commerce for our city. We encourage you to shop local for a few reasons:

  • It Builds Community

Ever hear the saying, “A rising tide lifts all boats”?  Supporting our local, neighborhood businesses builds relationships and community cohesiveness.

  • Strengthen Your Local Economy

Dollars spent in your community go back to your community.

  • Shape Our Character

Unique local businesses define our city’s personality…and attract tourists who spend money in our community.

  • Get More Value

Surveys by the Consumers Union repeatedly show independent businesses beat their national competitors in overall customer satisfaction and often save you money.

  • Lower Taxes

Supporting local businesses puts less demand on roads, sewers and safety services and generates more tax revenue per sales dollar, which saves the taxpayer money.

  • Creates Jobs and Opportunities

Local businesses employ more people directly per dollar of revenue and they are the customers of other local businesses, creating more opportunity for everyone.

  • Community Support

Small businesses donate to local nonprofits, events and teams.

Find all our local businesses online at www.experiencespringhill.com and Shop, Eat and Play at our Experience Spring Hill event on July 13th at Summit High School from 10am-2pm. Discover how many of your needs can be met by a local business that is committed to our community and the Chamber mission to positively influence our business culture to create a better Spring Hill.  

  • Rebecca Melton, Executive Director, Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce


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