Every organization has a mission. In the for profit world, the mission is defined by the founders and stakeholders as a way to communicate the purpose of the organization. It is meant to inspire employees and create common values that go beyond the desire to make a profit. In the non-profit world, a mission statement explains the existence of the organization. Every non-profit organization fills a specific need in their community. So why does the Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce exist? What is the reason our members and partners support us?

Our founders created the organization to positively influence our business culture to create a better Spring Hill. Our city boasts a variety of businesses that serve the needs of our residents and region. They work hard everyday to fulfill their mission. The Chamber is their support system. We are the underlying, driving force behind the business community, giving them opportunities to develop and nurture their growth.  We support, share resources and lean on one another.  As these relationships and support systems grow, the community gets stronger. Together we make a better Spring Hill.