Open for Business

At the time that I am writing this, our state has just given our business guidelines for safely reopening to the public. Did anyone ever envision that this is what May 2020 would look like? No, none of us could have ever seen this pandemic coming and we definitely never anticipated having to ask ourselves if we felt safe enough to eat out, shop, visit the doctor, get our haircut, or worship at church. But, here we are. As hard as our government and local officials have worked to respond and to provide up-to-date information to the best of their ability, we still all have to make our own decision on what moving forward looks like. 


Each business needs to carefully review the recommended guidelines from the state and the CDC and decide if they can safely open back up to the public. Restaurants and retailers have been given the green light to open this week but while adhering to some strict guidelines to protect everyone’s safety. Some businesses are set up in such a way that they can easily accommodate the guidelines while others are not. Protecting the health of everyone involved has to remain the priority. 


While businesses are deciding whether or not to open their doors, consumers have a choice as to whether or not to dine in or shop in person again. It’s an easier decision for some than others. Just because we’ve been given the green light doesn’t mean we forget to be cautious. Our habits will forever be changed. I don’t think many of us will leave home without a mask or hand sanitizer readily available for a while, and rightfully so. Please consider the health of others and not just yourself as you begin to venture out more freely.  


Each community can choose how they want to move forward as well.  The state’s guidelines are recommendations, not mandates. Spring Hill is uniquely situated in two counties, which further complicates how it decides to fall into the suggested guidelines. So far, our City has chosen to follow the direction of our Governor. Williamson county has experienced a higher coronavirus infection rate than Maury county and that could weigh into future decision making as well. I know our officials are working together to make the best local decision. I’m thankful for leadership that understands that the local officials should have the ability to make decisions at the local level on how they can best proceed in a very uncertain time. 

Please do your best to make educated decisions on how you move into a new normal. We, of course, are excited to see commerce pick back up again but we also want to do our part to flatten the curve and avoid stay at home orders. We are in this together which means we have to make decisions based on what’s best for the collective good and not just what is best for us as an individual. In the end, we will come out stronger and together we will make a better Spring Hill!

  • Rebecca Melton, Executive Director, Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce