January 29th editorial

Our monthly membership luncheon has always been a popular event for our members. Besides a great lunch and networking with over 130 attendees, our speakers continue to bring their “A” game. Our leadership is diligent about researching both what topics our members want to hear and area speakers that will deliver on those topics and also resonate well with our membership. 

Dave Delaney was our speaker for January. Dave is a keynote speaker known as a communication connoisseur that helps fast-growing companies reach their people through comprehensive workshops and presentations. He has worked with brands like Google, FedEx, LinkedIn and UPS. We were appreciative of the message he shared with our attendees regarding the use of 3 key Improv concepts in our communication:

  • Lead with acceptance by using the statement, “Yes, and…”

Allows you to be open to new opportunities, empower your team and improve your culture.

  • Be a better listener

Follow the acronym: (L)ook interested (I)nvolve yourself by responding (S)tay on target (T)est your understanding (E)valuate the message (N)eutralize the feelings

  • Do not fear failure

Failure is part of the learning process. As Einstein said, “A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new”

We hope you can join us for any or all of our luncheons on the fourth Thursday of the month at the local UAW Hall. These events are truly an environment for learning and networking which allow our members to grow their business. We appreciate the sponsors, caterers, volunteers and attendees that greatly contribute to the success of these events. Our next luncheon is February 27th with guest speaker Mila Grigg, CEO of MODA Image and Brand consulting. Mila has an amazing story of triumph over tragedy that you won’t want to miss! View and register for all of our upcoming events at www.springhillchamber.com.

  • Rebecca Melton, Executive Director, Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce