April is one of my favorite months of the year.  Winter is behind us, we’ve “sprung forward” into Daylight Savings Time and the nervous excitement of a new year has passed.  We’ve settled into our reality for 2019.  It’s also a great time to assess the progress you’ve made toward your goals.  Did you really start working out?  Have you become less of a procrastinator?  How are you doing with your annual goals?  We’ve had a lightning first quarter at The Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce and made some real headway with our goals.  One key goal for the year was to provide visible, definable value for your members through their affiliation with the Chamber.  We know that in business the key driver of success is solid, deep relationships with customers and complimentary business partners. We’ve worked to educate our members on how to best utilize our events to develop and drive those relationships.  Whether it’s sitting in on a Chamber 101 class or attending a Morning Mixer we want to provide opportunities for our members to meet professionals that can help drive their businesses. Attendance has increased at all of our events and we are looking forward to the opportunity to educate our members even more on the power of networking. We were also blessed to add an Administrative Assistant to our staff. Candace Lewis is an amazing addition to our team and she will help broaden our ability to serve our growing membership.

Early in the year we established the COPA (Committee on Public Affairs) to help educate Chamber members on key political issues and events, and to advocate for our business community.   We’re beginning to gain an understanding of the types of issues that interest our membership on local, county and state levels, and how to best engage in the sharing of information that helps keep everyone in the know.  In March we hosted our first Meet the Candidate Forum along with our partners at The Advertiser News.  The event was open to the public and well attended, and you should expect to see more of this type of programming in the future.  Just this week our COPA worked with Chamber staff to provide online video content featuring Victor Lay, Spring Hill City Manager.  In the videos, Victor explains the recent first reading vote of the BOMA that increases the sales tax on the Maury County side of Spring Hill and a proposed property tax increase for all.  These videos provide Chamber members with the information necessary to form an opinion regarding these proposed changes.  We will continue to evolve this committee and seek new and different ways to drive value while encouraging our members to engage with our regional representation on current topics of interest.

Lastly, we’ve focused on expanding the brand footprint of the Chamber.  Did you know our Experience Spring Hill website has over 8,000 users and over 15,000 page views so far this year?  This is an incredible tool that we are using to promote our Chamber, its members and to engage our city. Hopefully you’ve seen our new ads on Facebook promoting our online directory and our weekly recaps that continue to be popular in informing our audience about our events and local news.  All ships rise and lower together.  When the Chamber is healthy and vibrant it provides a halo effect on our city and its businesses.  We will continue to use this to our strategic advantage.

Now we’re on to warm weather and summer, and a continued focus on our goals for 2019. Please join us in our mission to positively influence our business culture to create a better Spring Hill!

  • David St. Charles, David St. Charles State Farm, 2019 Chamber Board Chairman