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Why does the Spring Hill Chamber exist?2017-12-12T23:13:43+00:00

The Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce exists in order to provide a support system to the Spring Hill business community as well as a resource to our general community.  Our members are business professionals that provide services to our community and also desire to positively influence our business culture to create a better Spring Hill.

How can my business advertise with the Chamber?2017-12-12T23:12:07+00:00

The Chamber has advertising opportunities through our online directory, www.springhillchamber.com. Please contact the Chamber office for more details. Sponsorships for our signature events are also available by contacting the Chamber office. If you have an idea on how your business can advertise through the Chamber while benefiting the Chamber membership, please contact us.  In addition, please take advantage of your Chamber member discount with our (3) three media partners: Wingate Media Group, The Advertiser News and Spring Hill Home Page.

Can the Chamber come do a Facebook live video at my business to promote an event?2017-12-12T23:11:37+00:00

The Chamber uses Facebook live at their discretion and according to their marketing strategy guidelines to help promote upcoming events. The Chamber office will contact you to schedule a Facebook live session ahead of time. While we would love to provide this service for all members, we simply cannot for the sake of both time and effective Facebook practices.

Can you mention our upcoming event at the Chamber luncheon?2017-12-12T23:10:48+00:00

Only Chamber sponsored events will be mentioned during the luncheon announcements.

My business is about to celebrate an anniversary, does the Chamber help promote that milestone?2019-03-13T22:43:22+00:00
Our Chamber is happy to celebrate with our Chamber members as they reach milestone anniversaries. Please create the event on your Facebook page and tag the Chamber, the Chamber will then share the event.  In addition, the Chamber will present the owner with a commemorative certificate.
How do I cater a Chamber member luncheon?2017-12-12T23:09:16+00:00

Priority is given to Chamber members to provide catering services at our member luncheons. Please contact the Chamber office for details.

How do Chamber ribbon cuttings work?2019-03-13T21:20:00+00:00

There is a $50 fee for ribbon cuttings. The Chamber will mention the event in (1) one email sent to the membership and general interest contact list and the Chamber will tag the business in (2) two social media posts promoting the event. In addition, the Chamber will Facebook live the actual event, the Chamber will send the ribbon cutting photos to our media contact list for distribution and after the event the Chamber will post it on the Chamber website under the news tab. 

I have an event coming up at my business, how can the Chamber help me promote it?2017-12-12T23:05:57+00:00

Please create the event on your Facebook page and tag the Chamber, the Chamber will then share your post once to help promote your event.

What events can be posted on the Spring Hill Chamber calendar?2017-12-12T23:02:36+00:00

Only Chamber sponsored events can be listed on the Spring Hill Chamber website calendar. For example: ribbon cuttings, member luncheons, mixers and anniversaries.

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