The Maury County School District Work-Based Learning (WBL) Program is an experience-based initiative offering Maury County students the opportunity to gain hands-on workplace skills. The program depends on varying levels of engagement from our community businesses and industry to provide learning experiences for the students. Employer engagement experiences include career speakers, tours, internships, and other forms of work experience.
The WBL program has been designed to test students’ academic knowledge through real application, as well as promote their success in both postsecondary education and careers. Participation is welcome in any of the following activities:
• Informational interviews
• Offering student tours
• Working with students in the classroom (technical mentoring)
• Job shadowing
• Working with teachers to enhance curriculum
• Serving as a career mentor
• Providing an internship
• Providing paid work experience
• Providing a teacher externship
If you are interested in providing work-based learning opportunities at a school near you, please contact Dr. Brown at or call Maury County School District at 931-388-8403, ext. 8124 with questions.