The Committee On Political Affairs (COPA) was formed this year to give our Chamber a voice in the decision making process of our local government; particularly those decisions that affect the business community. Our main goal is to create new/improve existing relationships with officials so that our concerns are received. As a part of the overall strategy, and because it is an election year, the committee decided to host two events for the Spring Hill Aldermen Candidates.

The first event was a question and answer forum and was held at the February luncheon. This event was moderated by Amy New, Director of Government & Community Affairs for Vanderbilt Health, and was targeted for the business community. All candidates were present and were well received by the Chamber membership. Attendees were able to hear the candidates ideas on topics such as strengthening the business community, involving the local businesses in decision making, and attracting more businesses to our community.

Our second event was held on March 14, and was done in partnership with the Advertiser News. It was a combination of both: meet the candidates & a question and answer session. This event was targeted towards the residents of the community. Attendance was strong, and the event was live streamed as well. Candidates were able to meet individually with residents, and also answered questions moderated by Elizabeth Mefferd. Questions were also submitted by the residents as they arrived and were put into the pool. Candidates spoke on a number of topics, including: potential property tax and development fee increases. Voter turnout in Spring Hill historically has been low, with just 7.72% of eligible voters participating in the last election. We feel that local elections are important, and encourage all members and their employees to participate. Early voting begins Friday 3/22 and continues to 4/6. Election day is 4/11.  The COPA will be hosting a similar type panel for regional and state level elected officials at the September luncheon in its ongoing effort to positively influence our business culture and create a better Spring Hill.

Bruce Hull, Vice Mayor of Spring Hill