The Spring Hill Chamber is a membership organization focused on delivering value to our members and increasing their benefits. Our chamber recently completed a strategic plan that provides more intention behind the efforts in 2020 and the vision through 2025 for the accomplishment of those overarching goals. The full strategic plan is available on our website at

Building our Voice

We understand that not everyone knows who we are and why we exist. In order to improve our influence in the community we have to implement a marketing strategy behind our social media and online directory that tells the story of both our organization and the businesses that comprise our organization. We will also continue to develop formal policies and guidelines for our newly formed Committee on Political Affairs (COPA) in order to improve our advocacy efforts for the benefit of our members.

Developing our Leaders

We see an opportunity for the Chamber to champion the effort of not only developing our internal leadership but also the leaders in our community. We will use the next year to explore and research various strategies that will identify and grow leaders for the benefit of our organization and the community. We will also focus on growing the capacity of our Chamber staff so that we can better serve our members.

Engaging Key Partners

We believe in the power of collaboration. As our city experiences the same growth seen in Nashville and Middle Tennessee, we know how much power exists in joint efforts. We will identify and develop local and regional partnerships for the benefit of our membership. Building relationships with municipalities, neighboring chambers, and like-minded organizations will only elevate the ability for our members to grow their business. 

As you can see, 2020 will be a building year for these three key objectives. Laying the groundwork will allow us to accomplish our full 2025 vision:

  • Sharing accountability with Board and Staff
  • Clear ROI for a diverse membership
  • Be the Go-To resource for our communities
  • Developing leaders for today and tomorrow
  • To be a driving voice in developing our community
  • Partnering for economic development

We look forward to our membership playing a key role in this process. Engaged members that provide constant feedback, share their successes and challenges, and lend their talents and skills will be the key differentiator for our chamber. Our best asset has always been our members. We have a growing, cohesive membership that creates a friendly and supportive environment for networking. We will utilize that asset to build an even stronger organization that, in turn, will create a better Spring Hill.

  • Rob Ferrara, 2020 Board Chairman, First Farmers and Merchants Bank