Did you know that our last City election only yielded 1,169 votes out of 22,911 registered voters?  That’s a voting percentage of just 7.72%. We know Spring Hill can do better which is why the Chamber is hosting two events focused on educating voters about the candidates running in the April 11th election.

Our first event, the Candidate Forum, took place this past Thursday as the presentation portion of the Chamber’s monthly luncheon.  Over 160 attendees received first glimpse into the platforms of all nine candidates. Each candidate had the opportunity to introduce themselves and to answer two randomly drawn questions. While our short time frame didn’t allow for in-depth solution type answers, it did give the candidates time to express their top priorities to our business community which included the hot button issues facing Spring Hill: infrastructure, livability, budget, and civic engagement. Roads are of course a main focus and the candidates addressed that they want to continue the progress the city is making on alleviating the main traffic concerns. The candidates also expressed their concerns about preserving the high quality of life offered by our city. The continued growth of our city is creating a difficult balance of a large CIP budget against other needs like public safety costs and access to recreation and amenities.  I’m looking forward to digging deeper into the candidate’s solutions for achieving this balance at our next event.

I was most encouraged by the inclusion of the business community in the candidate’s dialogue for change.  A strong relationship between the City and the Chamber is so important for moving policy forward. I commend the candidates for wanting to include our Chamber members in the city’s discussions surrounding tourism, economic development, and the current business climate so that together we can create a better Spring Hill.

Please plan on attending our next public event, Meet the Candidates, March 14th at 6pm at the UAW Hall to learn more about the candidates and their proposed solutions. I do believe the candidates running in the election have been listening.  They are doing their homework and learning what the citizens want. They want your voice to be heard. Have you provided your feedback? Are you actively engaged in what’s happening with our city? To reiterate what David St. Charles, our 2019 Board Chairman, explained at the Candidate Forum, if we all encouraged our employees, co-workers, neighbors, etc. to vote what impact would that have on the voter turnout for this election? Local elections offer the most impact of your vote, please don’t disregard the seriousness of that opportunity.  We hope to see you on March 14th so that your vote is an educated vote!

  • Rebecca Melton, Executive Director, Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce