By Jennifer Mitchell

When your business closes, you will submit a “final” business tax return to the TN Dept. of Revenue to pay all business taxes through your last day of business.  The Department of Revenue will process your “final” business tax payment and close your business tax account. At that time the city and county business tax offices will be notified that your account has been closed.

Closing your Minimal Activity License

When your business closes, please contact the city and county business tax offices to let them know your business has closed.

One more step  . . . . . . .

Once your business tax licenses have been closed, you must notify the County Property Tax Assessor’s office so that your business can be removed from the City and County Personal Property Tax Rolls.  If you do not do this, you will continue to be assessed personal property taxes each year.

Williamson County Personal Property Tax: (615)790-5708

Maury County Personal Property Tax: (931)375-4021


Jennifer Mitchell, Business Tax Clerk City of Spring Hill

For more information visit the City of Spring Hill website.