I have the privilege of speaking to many small business owners on a daily basis.  Their dedication, expertise and love for what they do is so inspiring and contagious. One of the things they often mention to me is how busy they are, which is great since that means their business is doing well- right?  However, they could also be taking advantage of several resources that can free up their valuable time.

Our April luncheon speaker, LeShane Greenhill, gave our attendees a plethora of technological resources (most of them are free!) that can automate many of their everyday tasks allowing them to focus on higher priorities. Many business owners feel so overwhelmed at the thought of incorporating technology into their business that they simply do not start the process. LeShane shared that 47% of small businesses do not have a website and that the most underutilized social media platform is LinkedIn.  Both of these resources are important to the success of a small business and are fairly simple to use.

When it comes to starting the process of incorporating technological resources into your small business, LeShane recommends the following:

  1. Define the output desired
  2. Identify the technology (app, widget, etc.) to achieve it
  3. Become proficient in that technology

What is the number one daily task that you wish you could automate?  Start there and then research what is available to solve it most efficiently for you.  Technology Advice, a local company, actually offers a free service to help you identify the best software for your business. Once you identify the service, use that service for at least 30 days so you can become familiar with it and make a definitive decision that it does indeed accomplish the output desired. Move on to the next task that you want to automate and complete the process again. LeShane mentioned that he currently uses 18 apps for a total of $168/month, well worth the cost due to how much time it gives him back in his day.

At the end of the day you have to decide what is most important to you and the growth of your business. Perfecting automated processes through the use of technology will make you feel less overwhelmed and can directly contribute to your sales pipeline.  We were fortunate to learn how much is available at our fingertips from LeShane and we hope you are inspired to apply these lessons to your business. Join us for our next luncheon on May 24th to learn more about regional Tourism and how it impacts our economy.  

See you there!

Rebecca Melton, Executive Director