Those of you that know me, and know my journey to Spring Hill know that I’m a huge advocate of the book Halftime by Bob Buford.  The premise of the book is that no team ever goes into the locker room at halftime of a game and decides to play the second half the same way they played the first.  Buford tries to get the reader to look at their personal and professional life in the same way.  Once you hit your early forties, what would you like to do differently in the second half?  What do you need to do to make it a reality?  The same can be said of any good business plan.  When we embarked on our 2019 vision for the Chamber we were very focused on topics like driving definable value for our members, expanding our online footprint and implementing a Committee on Public Affairs (COPA).  It’s always interesting to watch the first half of a plan play out because you truly never know what will go well, and where you’ll be thrown a curveball.  We’ve really concentrated on upping our game when it comes to the speakers at our monthly luncheons.  If you enjoyed speakers like Coach Michael Burt and Chris Hogan, that is a great example of your Chamber amping up our game to provide programming that makes a difference in how you run your business.  So how will we play differently in the second half?  In the back half of 2019 you will see several key initiatives come to life within the Chamber.  In September, the COPA will be hosting an event at the luncheon featuring several of our key middle Tennessee legislative representatives.  It will be an excellent format for you to hear what’s happening at a statewide level, and how the Spring Hill Chamber can play its part.  The COPA will also host a holiday event at Rippavilla with key figures from city, county and state leadership.  Additionally, your Board will embark on a three year Strategic Plan designed to determine how we can better serve our constituents well into the future.  So just as you’re planning on how to bring in your numbers for the year in these last five months, we’re busy working to make Chamber an integral part of your success!

  • David St. Charles, David St. Charles State Farm, 2019 Spring Hill Chamber Board Chairman