Everyone in society is adjusting to a new normal and wondering if the old normal will ever really return.
While this can be overwhelming and dis-heartening we can choose to make this point in time a positive
experience. Our mission at the Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce is to positively influence our business
culture to create a better Spring Hill. Over the last few weeks I’ve been witnessing our members embrace our
mission and carry it out in ways I’ve never anticipated. I’ve also witnessed our community do the same. Here
is a list of ideas on how we can all offer our support to our small business during this extremely challenging
1. Shop Local First
While all business needs support right now, please be intentional about supporting the local
businesses that may or may not have the resources to recover from these uncertain times.
2. Shop Local, Online
Our retailers have been pivoting to online, over the phone and even virtual shopping to service you
and keep their doors open. Call your favorite local retailer today and have an item delivered to your
doorstep or to a friend that needs a little pick me up.
3. Order, To Go
Local restaurants are still servicing your to-go needs through local delivery, curb-side and third party
delivery services. Take a night off of cooking, gift a night off of cooking to a friend or neighbor or pay
a meal forward to someone in need while supporting local restaurants. (Like our Spring Hill Shares
4. Stay Subscribed
Businesses and nonprofits rely on steady cash flow from subscriptions to keep going. Please consider
continuing your ongoing memberships even if those services cannot continue safely right now.
5. B2B Collaboration
Seek ways to collaborate with your business peers to brainstorm solutions together. Checking in via
phone, email or zoom can be such an encouragement right now. Have you heard of a great idea-
please share it with a local business owner (FB messenger and LinkedIn are great for this!)
6. Tip a Little Extra
If you are blessed with a steady income right now, please consider tipping a little extra on goods
purchased or even prepay on your ongoing services to help those severely challenged by the current
7. Buy a Gift Card
Are you unable to get out right now? Consider purchasing a gift card to local businesses to be used
later, as a gift to a friend or neighbor in need, as a thank you to a healthcare professional, or as a pay
it forward from when you were blessed.

8. Get social, online
Sticking with social distancing rules, promote local businesses online! Share their social media posts
or take the time to give them a Google review and boost their online ratings. Everything helps and it
will encourage them to hear how they’ve been able to help you through their business.
9. Donate
If you are in a position to provide much needed community assistance right now, please consider a
monetary donation to our local nonprofits that rely on the generosity of others to keep their mission
moving forward.
For more specific ideas on how you can help please follow us on Facebook @SpringHillChamberTN or visit our
website, www.springhillchamber.com. Remember, we are all in this together. It will take a positive
community response to get us through this. Please take the time to promote our local business community,
encourage our health care professionals, support our leaders, contact your friends and neighbors, extend
grace and practice empathy during this time and always.

– Rebecca Melton, Executive Director, Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce


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