by Nathan Hixson

Working with schools in your community is a huge WIN-WIN for any corporation, big or small. Simply by reaching out to initiate support will be a welcomed call from any educational institution. We have needs and not all of them are tied to funds. Of course donations are always appreciated (clerical supplies or recess equipment that you may choose to donate), but time goes a long way in making impressions on children that support them in their development.

Check out these easy ways to support annually!

  1. Host an activity evening  during Parent / Teacher Conference Week to help occupy the kids while the adults meet…snacks, hands-on activities, and even a movie with supervision is enthralling to kids!
  2. Computer Science Education Week / Hour of Code usually the first week of December…bring on the techies and cool toys.
  3. Read Across America Week is usually the first week of March…everyone can read can read a Dr. Seuss book to kindergarteners!
  4. Teacher Appreciation Week is usually the first week of May…pausing to appreciate teachers goes a long way, caffeine is good, but kind words touch the heart!

Sharing of expertise in a particular area is another opportunity to support. We’re a learning institution so if you have a particular talent that you’d like to share by all means give us a call. We have units of study that cover Community Helpers and even career events that allow for exposure to a variety of professions. You sharing now, may lead to some great employees down the line for your business…it’s very much planting the seed now so product can be reaped later!

While there are many approaches, creating an on-going relationship is greatly appreciated too. Initiate a conversation with a local school to see how you can support them and you may find out that they’re willing to ‘scratch your back too’! Often times, classes and entire schools seek service projects to give back to the community. For instance, our 4th and 5th grade students recently had the opportunity to sing the national anthem (and some other songs) at a local groundbreaking ceremony in town. They had a need, we were able to support and we both received favorable publicity for the event!

In summary, the needs are vast…give us a go by picking up the phone to start the conversation! I’m confident you’ll be happy you did…working with kids feeds your soul!

Nathan Hixson, Principal at Columbia Academy

Serving at the Columbia Academy satellite campus in Spring Hill, Tennessee.  In his 20th year of education with both public and private school experience, Nathan comes to us from a California background.  His experience includes leading a successful California Distinguished School effort (2010), completing the Association of California School Administrators Personnel Academy (2015), and overseeing both school expansion (Bellevue School-AESD / 2005-2007) and reduction (Peggy Heller School-AESD / 2009) projects.  Nathan’s teaching experience was in grades fifth and sixth.

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